995188_10152110556567787_1350902156_nOK, for all my fans who anxiously await my new blog posts every Monday morning (or as I like to call them: Isaac Kirkman), this notice only serves to inform you: I ain’t got nothing. I am returning from Bouchercon, sitting in the airport at 5 a.m., and a little tapped. I plan on doing a proper recap. Which may be tomorrow. Or next week. For those of you who don’t know Bouchercon is the mystery writers conference, all writing conferences essentially being insurance conventions for authors. We gladhand and talk shop, but rarely trade business cards because most of us are too ill-prepared to think to bring them. Plus, what would be the point? 99% of the event revolved around the Hilton bar.

It’s a lot like AWP. Except that this event doesn’t suck. In fact, it pretty much rocked, devoid of the snobbery and douchebaggery that plagues AWP. Again, this is the divide between literary fiction and genre. I got to finally meet Todd Robinson (pictured above), acclaimed author and the editor of Thuglit, the magazine that gave me my start. And a slew of other great writers/editors I am a fan of, including (but not limited to): Johnny Shaw, Glenn Gray, Jen Conley, Ron Earl Phillips and Chris Irvin (i.e., The Shotgun Honey Crew), Ro Cuzon (a purveyor of all things salt and cod), and the simply delightful Ed Kurtz. Plus I was able to see old friends Nik Korpon and Hilary Davidson. Best of all, I got a weekend to hang with my best pal, Tom Pitts.

The really only shitty/weird part was that the event was held … in Albany. Forget that the city itself blights the ugliest shade of concrete; the conference was literally held in the same spot where Junkie Love ends, the Egg on the Albany Convention grounds. If you’ve read the book, it’s the part when my girlfriend breaks up with me and I try to kill myself (again). If you haven’t, well, what’s fucking wrong with you? It’s pretty fucking awesome. Everyone agrees (except some guy named “Dan”). But we can just leave it as Albany was rock bottom. Which made the site at turns invigorating (the redemption part) and horrifying (the fall part). Anyways, maybe I’ll explore that more in depth when I am not sleep deprived and burned out by social anxiety.


Tom, Ro, and me

2 thoughts on “Bouchercon

  1. I would have loved to be in the room when Albany was chosen as the location… impossible to imagine a good reason for it. My top Bcon 2013 regret is not hanging out more with you and Tom. Hopefully Beth & I make it to Bcon 2014 and we can remedy that.

  2. These great new moments can never really absolve the wounds of the past, but it sure did look like a hell of lot of fun. For someone who also stresses with social anxiety (even among awesome people) it’s like taking care of years of social interactions in one super burst, like getting all your vaccinations shots. But better. Look forward to the in-depth one, so great to see that you met Todd Robinson!

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