Best of 2014: Music Edition

The end of the year invites "Best Of" lists. A year is a definitive, convenient measurement of time. A great place to stop. A good place to start. Which is why, for the next two weeks, every gym in America is going to be packed with people resolving to make changes in their lives via radical diets Read More

A Very Junkie Christmas

During the monsoon last Thursday, I drove over to Sword & Skull in the city to finish the tattoo. Sort of. Before we got started I told Lango, fuck it, let's do the full sleeve*. Problem was, I over-booked for the day, so halfway through having my arm meat chewed raw, I had to take a break and Read More

Thin Skin, Snubs, and Bad Reviews

Last week, author Ayelet Waldman had a social media meltdown when she found out her novel Love and Treasure wasn't included among the NY Times' 100 Notable Books of 2014. I am forced to admit I have never read the novel. Nor anything by Waldman. When I was at the Miami Book Fair, an old classmate Read More

Star Wars: The Force Is Back

Last Friday, I felt a great exuberance across the Internet, as if millions of voices suddenly squeed in delight, and the shitty prequels never existed. I feel something wonderful has happened. The new Star Wars VII trailer is here! The funniest part of watching a cultural phenomena catch Read More

Heartland is Here!

The new anthology is here! The new anthology is here!! Took a while, didn't it? Seems we've been talking about Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen (Zelmer Pulp/Gutter Books) for some time now. Sorry for the wait. Turns out editing, formatting, and Read More

Bill Cosby

I've frequently discussed my ability to compartmentalize. I'd like to think it's a defense mechanism and not indicative of my being a completely self-centered asshole. I choose not to see all the world's evil because it would be too tough for my tender heart to take. As opposed to, y'know, just being Read More

Book Tour 2014: Bouchercon

These next two weeks, I'll be in and out on book tour, with a slew of panels, readings, and interviews slotted. The first leg saw me in Long Beach this past weekend for the Bouchercon Conference. Next, Miami and the International Book Fair. Which promises to cut into my time for blogging. So Read More