Book Tour 2014: Bouchercon

These next two weeks, I'll be in and out on book tour, with a slew of panels, readings, and interviews slotted. The first leg saw me in Long Beach this past weekend for the Bouchercon Conference. Next, Miami and the International Book Fair. Which promises to cut into my time for blogging. So Read More

Rock the Vote

As many of you already know, I used to be a bad guy. Did some horrible, unforgivable things, including (but not limited to) having been a thief, a thug, a junkie, and ... a Republican. I grew up in a lily-white, East Coast town that defined my politics. And I have to admit, life was simple before Read More


I've been in therapy most of my life. I know. Shocking. I don't think you need to be crazy to benefit from therapy (although it doesn't hurt). So recollecting which therapist said what is a little tricky. This time I'm thinking about came after my second divorce, so we're talking Miami, circa 2006. Read More

Rene Zellweger’s Face (and the Right to Body Modification)

Back when I was 15 or so, long before I started smoking, one of my classmates told me my teeth were yellow. Which wasn't true. I had this giant white fluoride spot that wasn't helping. But my teeth weren't yellow. Childhood is like that, and high school is filled with dicks. For whatever reason, this Read More


For the last few weeks, we've been tackling hot-button topics here at C&C: domestic abuse, stolen naked photographs, hot for teacher working better in a song, and whether Nick Hornby is right and books should strive to be more like TV. (Of that last one, Hornby himself responded to my blog post, Read More

High vs. Low: A Battle of the Brows

On Friday, THIS popped in my feed. If clinking on a link is too much goddamn commitment for you, I'll paraphrase. The article, from the Telegraph, quotes best-selling author Nick Hornby, who says if reading a novel starts to feel too much like work you should toss the book aside. (The paper also Read More

Lamentation Is Here!

Lamentation is here! Lamentation is here!! I think. At least the hardcover. I mean, according to Amazon this is the release day. I'm all confused. First I heard it was the 7th, then I heard the 21st, then I heard the 7th again. I know it's October. I've had my copies since August. What the hell do Read More