Do Not Shake / Contents Under Pressure Pt. II

Last week we returned from our yearly trip to Cabo, Mexico. I know that sounds like I live a fancy life, but the truth is SF to Cabo is ridiculously cheap. Like five days at a 5-star resort, all-inclusive (all you can eat and all you can drink), on the beach, airfare, accommodations, infinity pools, Read More

Mad Max & Feminism

I'd planned on using this week's blog post to gush about The Girl on the Train. Much like I fell in love with Gillian Flynn and Gone Girl, GOTT is the latest popcorn literary thriller to capture my heart. And after I left message professing said love on author Paula Hawkins's Facebook page, she wrote Read More

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Anthony Awards / December Boys

The writing business is a funny game. It attracts a certain kind of person, ones who needs a lot of validation. This is a fairly common characteristic for artistic types, creativity springing forth from a place where self-confidence and -esteem normally resides. I am totally making that up. And probably Read More

My Character(s) Flaw: Do Not Shake / Contents Under Pressure

About a month ago, I developed an eye twitch. A persistent muscle spasm in my left eye. Not noticeable to an outside observer. Unless you're standing two inches in front of my face. And no one should ever be that close to me. I first noticed the facial tic at AWP, where I was slated to play music in Read More


Who wants a free book? In a very cool move, my publisher, Oceanview Publishing, is giving away 100 copies of my novel, Lamentation. Free. Shipping included (continental U.S.). No strings attached. OK. One (tiny) string. You have to write an Amazon and Goodreads review when you are done. We need Read More

Buy High / Sell Low: The Lousy Exchange Rate of Self-Promotion

Last week, I asked my publicist at Oceanview, David, how can we increase sales for Lamentation. I watch my numbers (way more than I should), could feel the stagnation after the initial excitement following the release back in October. I believe in working hard for my publisher. They took a chance on Read More

Return from the Land of AWP: 2015

I usually draft these posts Sunday morning, sitting at my island counter, while the wife catches up on sleep, my son, Holden, watches cartoons and Jackson lays there like a slug (newborns can’t do many tricks). Infants are basically pillows with arms. Today, though, as I fly back from AWP, I type Read More