Joy of Series

Before I started doing this writing thing as a career, I'd see a novel series and wonder what the appeal was for the author. I mean, as a reader--and more accurately movie viewer--I enjoyed going back and revisiting the same characters. (I've seen The Force Awakens four times so far. For my son's sake, Read More

The Revenant and Hateful Eight: A (Sort of) Review

On Saturday, my lovely wife Justine and I went to see The Revenant, the new film by Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu. And usual for any Tom Hardy movie, my wife hated it. She thinks I have a thing for slow, plodding, uber-violent manly-man movies (most of which star Tom Hardy), and Read More

2016: Ten Years Later

On New Year's Day, I realized it had been ten years since my near-fatal motorcycle accident. I threw up an old post talking about that other life-changing event (the first being my near-fatal drug addiction. Though, granted, that one crept at a slower pace). I was surprised how many people read that Read More

Best of 2015: The Force Awakens / Creed

What's it say about me that my two favorite films of 2015 are sequels to movies from 1976 and 1977? I'm old. Obviousness aside, The Force Awakens, the long-awaited next installment in the Star Wars franchise, and Creed, the next Rocky movie nobody was clamoring for, would seem, on the surface, Read More

A Force Awakens: A Sort of (Not Really) Review

Yes, we get it. You don't like Star Wars. All six of you. I waited 33 years for last week. The release of a brand-new, actual sequel to Star Wars. Of course, there was an actual sequel called The Empire Strike Back, and then a few years after that we had Return of the Jedi. There were the dreaded Read More

Better Than the Beatles

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I recently discovered Frank Turner, an English singer/songwriter from, well, England. How this artist has alluded me, given my constant search for new, life-affirming music, mystifies. Then again, not really. My ability to compartmentalize is legendary, if only Read More

Of Promises Broken

Some of you may've noticed (the lonelier among you) that I haven't been blogging much lately. I popped back in a month ago, promising to blog more. And then proceeded to promptly break that promise. Hence the title of this post, one of the contenders for Pink Floyd's "comeback" album in 1987, the Gilmour-led, Read More