December Boys Release

The December Boys' release date is technically June 7, but, like when my buddy Rich and I attended Knebworth in 1990, looks like someone opened the gate early (2nd row center sounds great but 12 hours and one perforated bladder later ... actually it was pretty great). Amazon has started making the hardcopy Read More

LitReactor Class/Lamentation Paperback

Been a pretty crazy stretch. Seems like all I have done lately is write. Which is what I am supposed to be doing, I know, but I've written two novels since November, and this feels like probably the busiest I've ever been. Whenever people would say "There aren't enough hours in a day," I always sorta Read More

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

Later on in my scumbag years, anytime the subject of The Breakfast Club came up (and it came up more than you'd think), people naturally assumed I identified with John Bender. The truth is, growing up, I was more on Team Andy. I wanted to be a jock, and I sorta hated the burnouts in high school. Of Read More

LitReactor: Planting the Clues

Starting Tuesday, April 19th, I will be teaching a four-week course over at LitReactor on planning and plotting mysteries. Since it is an online class, you can literally take it from anywhere, meaning, best of all, pants are optional. (Lord knows I won't be wearing them. Hate the damn things.) Here's Read More

Left Coast Crime 2016: A Lamb Is a Baby Sheep

Just got back from my first Left Coast Crime. (Actually I am sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight. I have a feeling upon returning home, where my wonderful wife Justine watched the boys for the past three days I am not going to get a lot of "me" time to write this.) As you may've noticed Read More

Joy of Series

Before I started doing this writing thing as a career, I'd see a novel series and wonder what the appeal was for the author. I mean, as a reader--and more accurately movie viewer--I enjoyed going back and revisiting the same characters. (I've seen The Force Awakens four times so far. For my son's sake, Read More

The Revenant and Hateful Eight: A (Sort of) Review

On Saturday, my lovely wife Justine and I went to see The Revenant, the new film by Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu. And usual for any Tom Hardy movie, my wife hated it. She thinks I have a thing for slow, plodding, uber-violent manly-man movies (most of which star Tom Hardy), and Read More