2015 Anthony Awards

Awards season is here. No, I don't mean the Academy Awards, which I gave up on when the bastards picked Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction. That's not true. I never watched the Oscars, and by 1995, I was entering hardcore addiction and had already smoked my TV. Although I do recall making the trek (probably Read More

Mixing Messages or I’m Shaking It Boss Pt. II

Last week, I went to pick up Holden from preschool, and knew I was in trouble the moment I walked through the door. That's the thing with being a dad: your child's bad behavior reflects on you (see crying baby on a plane). My boy was seated alone at the shame table, with his sad crayons, as his teacher Read More

Bastards of Old

The last time I was arrested was in 2000... I was driving in Massachusetts, where my license was suspended, and smoking crack. A tractor-trailer driver phoned it in to the police, who swooped behind me somewhere around Greenfield. We'd been on our way to cash a check in Vermont, my girlfriend, me, Read More

Wake Up Sheeple or Trepanning for Fools

In 2010, my first son, Holden, was born. That fall our hometown (by proxy) San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Though my wife was barely six weeks recovered from her emergency C-section, she wanted to make the trip into the city for the parade (not realizing the Giants would soon win a couple Read More

Revenge of the Chapbook

When you didn't have a father growing up, a boy is forced to look elsewhere for advice on how to be a man. I am not big on Iron John or any of that goofy men's movement shit. I have no desire to sit around a campfire in a loin cloth, banging a drum, talking about my "feelings." But evolution is proven Read More

I Buy My Shirts from a Ten Pack

Mired in the muddy bog of a first draft... Last week I mentioned I'd sold a new novel, the yet to untitled sequel Lamentation. Currently we're going with the uninspiring working title of "Lamentation 2." And it's work. Not just coming up with a title. I'll leave that to my title man, Jimmy. (My pal Read More

Lamentation 2: Lament Harder or This Time It’s Personal

Last week I signed a contract to write the sequel to Lamentation. Oceanview Publishing, who put out the original, has always let me know they'd be interested in a series--most mystery publishers are. The only question was whether the first book would be successful enough to warrant one. I knew Read More