Snitches Get Stitches II: Navigating the Playground

I try not to write too many posts about my son, Holden. Your kids are a little like early your writing efforts. Two guys talking in a cafe for 17 pages might be fascinating to you. Everyone else? Eh, not so much.  We just got back from our family vacation in Cabo, Mexico, where my son, Holden, had Read More

Dark Age Savagery

I can generally see both sides of an issue. I may not agree with your position and/or think you are batshit crazy, but I can, albeit with strained effort sometimes, trace back a POV to its point of origin. I talked about this last week, the solace it provides knowing that everyone, in his or her own Read More

It’s a Conspiracy!

We're proudly anti-political over here at C&C. I clearly wrap my progressive politics around my bleeding heart sleeve. I just try not to be a dick about it. Opinions and assholes, y'know? It's a matter of respect. Some of my best friends are on the other side of the spectrum, and they are just as Read More

Cool Hand Pt. II

I was a little worried after I wrote this last Monday. Then felt worse after my wife got in to work, and informed me my post made her cry. The last thing I intended was to come across as a Gwyneth. If you don't have time to read original Gwyneth Paltrow interview where the Hollywood actress envies those Read More

Cool Hand

I don't have a head for business. Numbers confuse the fuck out of me. For instance, my little peabrain can't comprehend how I owe more in 2014 Income Taxes than, say, fucking General Electric. I guess it's because I am not a "job creator." Personally, I am just going to blame the freeloading fuckers Read More

Endgame: Screenplays

When you tell someone you are a writer, you can expect certain responses. The first is the dreaded, "Oh, I have some great ideas for a book!" This usually happens when you are cornered at your wife's company's holiday party, or trapped in a stalled elevator--basically anywhere you can't flee--and have Read More

Heaving Breasts

It's become a running joke with my agent, Liz Kracht, who receives an obscene number of submissions from male writers referencing, in one form or another ... "heaving breasts." When I first signed with Liz I admit I, too, had a "heaving breasts"-like line in my manuscript. Not literally, of course. Read More