The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins, and the Force

Maybe it's left over from my days doing meth or a perverse appreciation of early M. Night Shyamalan movies, but I still look for signs. Not in the hippy-dippy, cosmic sense. Okay, maybe a little bit. Some call it God. Others the Universe. We can go with the Force to keep all parties happy and non-offended. Read More

In My Tribe: Bouchercon Raleigh Recap 2015

As a writer, you don't get much opportunity for social interaction. Rather you do your best to avoid it. You eventually have to leave the house of course. Grocery shopping. Doctor's appointments. Dinner parties. But it's never easy. At least not for me. Talking to normals has always felt taxing. Read More

A Search for Common Ground

You might've heard there was another mass shooting this past week. That's 294 this year, and closing in on 1,000 in the last three. Now, in terms of ways I want to spend a Monday morning, debating the 2nd Amendment falls somewhere between reading Jane Austen again and getting tested for the clap (again). Read More

In Defense of Tom Brady (Sort Of)

No, this isn't about soft balls. A couple weeks ago, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was spotted with a Donald Trump "Make America Great" ball cap in his locker. Brady's comment to reporters that Trump has "done great things for America" led to speculation he supported Trump for president. Read More

Jerry Stahl & 20 Years of Permanent Midnight

Tom Pitts used to say, "Reading options suck when the gutter is your library." They don't let junkies into the actual library, because junkies immediately head to the bathroom, clog up the toilet, and get blood everywhere. The SF libraries have timers on the lock (and good luck hitting a tiny capillary Read More

Back to School

I took the last few weeks off from blogging (sorry for the hole I left in your lives). I did this for a few reasons. 1.) the hits tend to wane in the summer, and 2. it's a lot of fucking work to come up with new, relevant, titillating topics every week, and 3.) I'm lazy. There are a handful of tricks Read More

Giveaway Pt. II!

So last week, the audio version of Lamentation dropped. Timothy McKean does the narration, and I couldn't be happier with the result. He fucking nails it. I was a little worried because (unlike the upcoming Junkie Love audiobook), I had nothing to do with the hiring. We basically sold the rights Read More