BookBub / Bestseller

One of the nice parts about making the jump to the bigger publisher is that feeling you're not doing it all on your own. I work for a small publisher (Gutter) so this isn't a knock on the indies. Snubnose gave me my start, Battered Suitcase my break (Junkie Love), and I'll forever love both. Just the Read More

Gay Marriage–It’s Official!

Some of you may've heard, I mean, if you were anywhere near a computer and/or not trapped underneath a refrigerator last Friday, that the Supreme Court made a pretty monumental ruling, declaring states can no longer deny homosexuals the right to marry. Social media blew up. I posted about 50 updates Read More

Father’s Day 2015: Cat’s in the Cradle

When I went back East on that Lamentation book tour, I gave a talk/reading in New London (I think it was New London. Or one of those other coastal towns near a naval base). A guy I knew in college, Steve, runs a reading series/book group down there and had asked me to come by and do my thing. The Read More

Literary Crimes

The other day, Benjamin Whitmer, one of my favorite new crime writers, wrote a blog piece about how he doesn't consider himself a crime writer. At least not as most define the term, which is closely related to "noir," itself a cousin of "hardboiled." Or maybe it's a creepy uncle. I don't fucking know. Read More

Transition / Floating vs. Swimming

If you've been on social media lately, you know that former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner has transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner, a moment celebrated with her appearance on the recent cover of Vanity Fair. This news prompted one of two responses (which also nicely tipped individual political ideologies). Read More

Conflict Avoidance, BMs, and Peace, Love & Understanding

During the Baltimore riots, a friend in Texas goaded that I should write about it, knowing damn well my aversion to conflict. Just the suggestion got me worked up, the thought of fielding antagonistic Facebook comments giving me angina. I'd say he was joking, but then someone might get offended that Read More

Do Not Shake / Contents Under Pressure Pt. II

Last week we returned from our yearly trip to Cabo, Mexico. I know that sounds like I live a fancy life, but the truth is SF to Cabo is ridiculously cheap. Like five days at a 5-star resort, all-inclusive (all you can eat and all you can drink), on the beach, airfare, accommodations, infinity pools, Read More