Capitalism: A Necessary Evil (Maybe)

A few weeks back, you may recall this story. For those too lazy to click on that link, a little girl, Victoria Wilcher, suffering severe facial laceration from a pit bull attack, was purportedly kicked out of a Mississippi KFC for upsetting the other customers with her appearance, this, according to Read More


On Saturday night, Lip Service West took part in Beast Crawl, the East Bay's answer to SF's  Litcrawl (in which LSW will also be participating come October). Great reading (always is), with Tom, Xiou Xiou, and Claudia "Miriam" Reed, capped off by a hilarious Patrick O'Neil (it was like looking into Read More

Camping & Self-Absorption

Like an old man with an endless supply of prunes, I try hard to be regular. We just got back from camping (yay, homelessness!), where I was without ... Internet ... and found 1,600+ emails waiting for me. After finishing packing camping gear away, scrubbing off 3 days' worth of filth, and trying to Read More

The Thin Line Separating Us from Savagery

I was going to grad school in Miami during hurricane season in 2005, a particularly devastating year for tropical storms. I hadn't been in town more than a few weeks when the heavens unleashed a torrent of wind, rain and ruin, leveling the entire region--I'm talking an entire fucker laid to waste. Read More

Dangerously Suburban

I love when stories write themselves. On Saturday, we held Noir @ the Bar at the 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. We'd been talking about producing an SF chapter of the event, which is hosted in bars around the country, for a while now. But with so many oars in the fire and too many metaphors Read More


With the glut of gooey Father's Day blog posts making the rounds on the Internet this week about what a swell guy pop was, drinking his craftsman American beer and offering sage advice, I thought I should get this out of the way. I'm happy for you if you loved your dad, but my old man was an ass. His Read More