Who wants a free book? In a very cool move, my publisher, Oceanview Publishing, is giving away 100 copies of my novel, Lamentation. Free. Shipping included (continental U.S.). No strings attached. OK. One (tiny) string. You have to write an Amazon and Goodreads review when you are done. We need Read More

Buy High / Sell Low: The Lousy Exchange Rate of Self-Promotion

Last week, I asked my publicist at Oceanview, David, how can we increase sales for Lamentation. I watch my numbers (way more than I should), could feel the stagnation after the initial excitement following the release back in October. I believe in working hard for my publisher. They took a chance on Read More

Return from the Land of AWP: 2015

I usually draft these posts Sunday morning, sitting at my island counter, while the wife catches up on sleep, my son, Holden, watches cartoons and Jackson lays there like a slug (newborns can’t do many tricks). Infants are basically pillows with arms. Today, though, as I fly back from AWP, I type Read More

Fuck Indiana and Its Pizza, Too

So you might've heard they passed a law in Indiana a couple weeks ago saying you could blame your religion if you don't like gay people. Then a pizza place owned by a family that doesn't like gay people came out and said they wouldn't cater a gay wedding. This prompted the go-to-joke of "Who has Read More

(The Myth of) Writer’s Block

While recently promoting Lamentation on an East Coast book tour, I attended an afternoon symposium at Central Connecticut State University, The Power of the Pen: Careers in Writing. Or something like that. Basically important professors, editors, authors, and, well, me, hung around a room with coffee, Read More

AWP 2015: The Ongoing Dialogue

In a few weeks, I head back to the land of AWP. As some of you may recall, I have a love/hate relationship with the Association of Writing Program's annual conference. Well, more like a tolerate/hate relationship. The sad truth is much of my disdain for the 12K+-person event stemmed from being unsuccessful Read More